The Pérotin Genealogy Office is a human-sized, family business which favours quality relations between associates and values the skills of its legal practitioners. The efficiency of staff and associates is widely acclaimed.

Benoît Pérotin manages the office and is responsible for all staff. He holds a Masters in private and fiscal law and was introduced to genealogical research by his father, Jacques Pérotin and his partner, Marcel Lamagnère. He devoted his time to highly detailed research for over fifteen years, before taking over the office in 1989. He often travels abroad, notably to the United States, Italy and Portugal.

Pascal Allafort is responsible for overseeing research. After studying law, Pascal trained for several years under Jacques Pérotin, who taught him the necessary precision for quality and sufficiency of beneficiary research. He now brings over thirty years of experience to the office.

Bernadette Vaugelade is manager of the office’s foreign department and assists Pascal Allafort with research. A modern languages graduate, she speaks and writes English and Spanish fluently. Her role has led to increased travel in France and Europe. Bernadette has full knowledge of the ins and outs of the institutions we work closely with to conduct our research.

Hélène Bellet-Bassac is a researcher and is responsible for difficult cases. She holds a master’s degree in law and a two-year master’s degree in history of law. Hélène has the expertise to solve the most problematic inheritance cases, to find distantly related unknown heirs and shed light on inextricable undivided ownership.

Côme Pérotin is responsible for developing the office’s electronic resources, for both research and archival purposes. He is a graduate in economic science and a PhD student. Côme is also responsible for research on the American continent.

Aline Pérotin is responsible for administration and accounting in the office. She is also a legal practitioner and holds a Masters in private and fiscal law. Aline ensures the accuracy of detailed accounts addressed to beneficiaries during the settlement of estates.

Véronique Balayer is responsible for following up inheritance cases and managing the presence of documents that are essential for inheritance transfer. She is secretary to the executive and is also in charge of the office post and manning the switchboard. Her final role is to update genealogical charts which synthesise devolutions for each inheritance.

Sandrine Fernandes is responsible for updating and overseeing authorisation granted to genealogists for the consultation of civil status records. Sandrine also assists Véronique with processing mail and manning the switchboard.

The Pérotin Genealogy Office has established partnership connections with several associates, who are also members of the Chamber of Probate Genealogists of France. These associates are located in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Tours and Besançon, as well as Belgium, Germany and Great Britain. Our staff work closely with our partners on a daily basis.