Our fees

The Pérotin Genealogy Office sets the total cost of expenses and fees using a clear, precise and detailed scale, according to the various services offered.

Fixed rate fees for research or verification

ex. VATincl. VAT
Verification of the non-existence of any beneficiary of a legal reserve€ 250€ 300
Verification of the beneficiaries in direct relation,
for special or ordinary collateral heirs
€ 500€ 600

This fee applies to research carried out in mainland France and includes all costs relating to travel, applications for civil status records, and research at archive centres and mortgage registry offices. It assumes that all heirs and beneficiaries are known, located and able to provide evidence of their relation.

Research or verification of legal claimants of the founder of a burial plot

Fixed fees, inclusive of VAT, of € 600 + € 60 per located beneficiary (€ 500 and € 50 ex. VAT, respectively).

Special fixed rate verification fees

Difficult or long verifications may be charged by fees of € 2,000 inclusive of VAT (€ 1,666.67 ex. VAT).

Fees for research, disclosure and mandate

Depending on each individual case, our fees for these services are calculated in one of two ways:

1. On the net share of the beneficiary after the deduction of inheritance debt, documentation expenses and all other evidenced costs, with the exception of inheritance tax. In this case, fees will amount to an average of 15 % of the net share of the beneficiary, before payment of inheritance tax.

2. On the net share of the beneficiary after the deduction of inheritance tax. Fees are then calculated taking account of the degree of relation, according to the following sliding scale.

ex. VAT.incl. VAT
Direct relation
lawful or natural ascendants, lawful or natural descendants
15 %18 %
Special collateral heirs
brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, great-nephews and great-nieces
20 %24 %
Ordinary collateral heirs up to the 4th degree
uncles, aunts, great-uncles and great-aunts
25 %30 %
Ordinary collateral heirs beyond the 4th degree and non relations
cousins of 4th degree or beyond
30 %36 %
Surviving spouse15 %18 %