Our commitments

The Pérotin Genealogy Office has clear commitments in various different respects and in particular with regard to obligations in respect of professional ethics.

To the solicitors who appoint us as representatives

We establish an absolute inheritance settlement, and we remind you that our office has professional liability insurance as well as insurance to underwrite the representation of capital.

The solicitor will undoubtedly retain control of the inheritance transfer. As a public official, they will create the grant of probate then prepare the declaration of estate and real estate certificates which must be registered by the beneficiaries with the mortgage registry.

To the beneficiaries who place their confidence in us

In relation to the contracts that we offer to beneficiaries, our office endeavours to:

  • Carry out necessary procedures, so that heirs will have nothing to pay in this respect. Certain cases consist of property assets alone and loans are necessary to finance the surveying fees required for the sale. We also pay solicitors’ fees in advance, as the solicitor must fund the total cost of certificates from clients before creating them.
  • Safeguard beneficiaries against inheritance risks. A deceased person may have civil and commercial debts which come to light and inheritance itself can sometimes lead to tax debt. Note that it is possible to obtain an adjustment up to four years after a declaration of estate has been registered, or even six years after a death if no declaration of estate was registered.
  • Take care of all necessary formalities, so that heirs do not have to travel at any stage of an estate settlement. Beneficiaries can also transfer all requests for the completion of formalities which are directly addressed to them, to our office.