Our mission

Who are the beneficiaries? Where do they live? These are questions that the genealogists of the Pérotin Genealogy Office answer on a daily basis. We also offer to represent any beneficiaries who wish us to do so.

  • We establish the hereditary devolution of estates by searching for the heirs of a deceased person when solicitors have no knowledge of them. This may be the case for a person who was isolated and whose neighbours do not know of any family they may have. We verify the settlement of estates when heirs appear without the ability to guarantee that there are no other possible heirs. If relations are found who are more closely related to the deceased, they will be the only ones to receive the inheritance.
  • We locate beneficiaries where there is no knowledge of a current address in France or abroad. We represent beneficiaries who have been traced and who require us to carry out all necessary formalities relating to the settlement of the estate on their behalf.
  • For any vacant or seemingly unowned property, we search for the identity of the owners (or co-owners). We find the beneficiaries of life insurance contracts where a civil status or address was insufficiently specified when the beneficiary clause was outlined. We also search for bank account holders and dormant security holdings both in France and abroad.